Day 070 Egypt : Cairo

Up early once again for the 2nd stage of the "visa run" and off we trotted to the Ethiopian Embassy to collect our passports.  Hooray there it was - a really important visa for us, as this was now proof of our onward travel for Sudan and our last step in hopefully having our Sudanese visas granted.  We had 3 months validity on the visas so plenty of time for our visit to Ethiopia.  Then we went to the Sudanese Embassy, entered our applications and leaving our passports there we decided to entertain ourselves for the rest of the day by visiting El Khankhalile (the souk).  All we can say is that its crap.  It's a typical tourist destination, locals don't shop there, it's over-rated and dreadfully expensive.  Great if you want a rolex/perfume/shisha/carpet but you are pestered at every stall, at every turn and at every corner by every Egyptian salesman looking to make a tourist "hit".

On the upside, we left the confines of the souk and went in search of a restaurant.  We found one just up the road and had a wonderful lunch of roasted, stuffed pigeon and braaied (bbq'd) lamb chops for EP60.  yum yum.