Day 071 Egypt : Cairo

Internet access is becoming a little harder to get hold of now (well, one that is good enough to use, anyway!).  We have spent the last couple of days running around Cairo arranging visas for Ethiopia and Sudan (all sorted now!) and in between visiting the Pyramids of Giza (WOW!), the Cairo Museum, Khan El Khilile (yeugh) and watching Egypt play USA at footie in TGIF's on the Nile (WOW WOW).

Once we reach Luxor in about 4 days time, t'internet should be available and I will catch up again.

In the meantime we are well, brown, mozzie-bitten, tightening our belts (in a good way!) and loving Egypt. 

#1 John Cox on 6.23.2009 at 3:47 PM

Hi you two.

Good to see things are going ok and head south,if you get a min(maybe if you are waiting for a ferry somewhere)you know what i mean,could you drop me an email with the sp on the sudan and ethiopia visa bit,i thing i know but i would like to hear it from my scouts in the field.The blog is great check it most days.

Thanks take care John Cox.

#2 wendy on 6.24.2009 at 10:13 AM

Hi Trev Keith here. I have 2 questions?

1 Where is Jan?

2 Who is that chick you are hanging around with.

Both looking fit and healthy, having a great time I see. Well done with the blog,I leave all correspondance to Wendy(best that way).

Keep on keeping on.



Brownie points all round!!!!!

Btw  Happy happy birthday for 29th.  We'll be thinking of you and maybe have a beer or 2.