Day 048 Jordan : Dana - Petra

Day 048 Jordan

Trip Distance 114 km (71 m) Total Distance 8151 km (5066 m)
Diesel Costs JD0.335    
Al Anbat Hotel N30.32584 E35.49239 JD12 including unlimited hot showers, clean loos, swimming pool (essential at this stage), free transport to Petra and wifi but this is extra at JD3/hr


We arrived in Petra and headed straight for the car park outside the main gate where we heard that camping was allowed.  For JD2 you can park for the day but add on another JD3 and you can stay overnight.  We arrived at around 11am and parked up close to a rather large motorhome already settled in.  We decided to have a bit of a wander round and spend some time in an internet cafe close by to catch up on at least some of the blog which had now seriously lagged behind since lack of internet access in Syria.  Whilst we were just getting ready, Jon came over from the motorhome to introduce himself and invited us in for a welcome cup of tea out of the incredible heat outside - yes, it's still as hot as Hades! (but more about his later!).  Jon and Linda (hello both, hope you journey's going well and don't forget, Africa is waiting for your next trip!) are overlanding as well but in a little more style and comfort than Sully.  They were heading back to the UK after several months on the road touring North Africa.

We had a cup of tea and sat swapping hints and tips about where we'd been, places to park and camp, bureaucracy in countries and mutual overlanders that we'd met up with.  I think we've said this before and I'm sure you'll hear us say this again but the overlanding community is an incredible one.  Everyone meets everyone else at some stage or if you don't meet them personally, so many others have met them that you know them by name and rig anyway!  Wonderful!

Jon and Linda needed to set off so we left them to it and went for some lunch and internet time.  While we were sitting in the cool of the airconditioning we decided that we would try and see if we could camp at the Al Anbat Hotel which is mentioned in the Lonely Planet (and we'd passed it on the way into Petra) just to see if there was indeed a pool we could use to cool off during the heat of the day - we are learning that everything needs to be confirmed and you can't rely on maps or books.  Turns out it was a great decision to have made.  Even though it was JD12 per night instead of JD5, the facilities are so clean and welcoming that the extra money was soooo worth it.  The management are fantastic as well and so very, very helpful.

We have been travelling since Turkey with an empty camping gas cylinder.  If you remember we bought a Turkish cylinder for a song while we were in Sariyer (outside Istanbul) that we had been using that even though it was 3/4 full had swapped in Antakya just before we exited so that we would have a full one again.  But we hadn't checked the connection and the new one didn't fit our connectors (even the SA convertor).  If you do decide to buy a cylinder in Turkey, don't buy the silver ones, stick with the blue ones.  So we had been travelling round with a useless silver cylinder that we couldn't use.  We eventually donated it to someone in Jordan and as we had 1 empty camping gaz and one we were using, we really needed to have the empty one filled.  Back to the fabulous guys at Al Anbat Hotel.  One of them popped us into the hotel van and first stop was the hotel kitchen where we tried to use their cylinder to fill ours.  Had we waited a bit longer, it would have worked but the boys were sure it wasn't working so abandoned it after 5 minutes and down to town we went in search of someone to fill the bottle.  After taking us to several workshops we eventually found one that would do it.  At least 1/2 hour to fill, we were told (I told you so, boys!!!) and leaving it with him, he promised to bring it back to the hotel to us when it was done.  By the way, he did need the SA convertor to do it.  So for JD5 we got a full cylinder (it's that full, it's cheeks are bulging!!!) and delivered back to us at the hotel later that night.  See what we mean when we say how incredible the Jordanians are.

Camping is at the rear of the hotel in the carpark which gets very windy from late afternoon till about midnight, so we parked Sully at the end of the carpark amongst the grape vines away from the worst of the wind but still cool enough to catch the breeze.  Yawn.  We went to bed.