Day 053 Jordan : Diving in the Red Sea

Oh, oh, oh, oh we have sooooooooooo missed diving.  It's only when we were back in the water, clad in neoprene again (yeah, baby!), listening to the sound of our own breathing, that we knew how much we'd missed it.

Our first dive was not as comfortable as we would have wanted it to be (as first dives after a break always are..) as we tested equipment, got to grips with weights (more than I have ever used in such salty water), and started to settle into the routine of preparation, checking, checking and checking again.  But much like the proverbial riding of bicycle, said bicycle riding settles down quite quickly. 

We swam over the Cedar Pride Beirut, a wreck sunk by King Abdullah to begin creating artificial reefs in the Marine Park area.  The reefs are proliferating and the marine life flourishing.  Once we'd settled down, we started to really enjoy the dive.  Stars of the show: Panther flounder, Starry Puffer & of course the wreck.

Dive 2 was in the Japanese Garden to the left of the pier in the Marine Park.  The soft coral is beautiful.  Stars of the show: our first Stone Fish (quite rare), a massive octopus ensconced in a rock, Napoleon Wrasse, hundreds of the usual fishes that live in soft coral - clown fish (Nemos), chocolate-dipped chromis, antheas, green blue chromis and of course the corals & invertebrates.

We've put together a bit of a video that we made of the dives.  I have used a red filter in most of the clips but thinking that I wouldn't need it at 5m I took it off so please excuse the last 2 clips in the first dive (Starry Puffer and Panther Flounder) as there is no colour in them.  Lesson 2375:  Leave the red filter on till 2m at least!


#1 Teemot on 6.15.2009 at 4:24 PM

Hello Doll, and Helloooo Doll,

You look as if though you have both lost an enormous amount of weight.

The video looks sooo amazing. I have decided that I'm not your friend and I don't like you.

BTW, what do dives cost ?

Huggz but no kisses


Hi doll

Yup, losing wieght quite nicely.  Eating habits have changed drastically but for the better.  we'll never eat with tools again, food tastes so much better eaten by hand (and we're getting rather good at it!)

Kisses AND hugs

PS Dives in Jordan equal to GP30 for 2 dives all equipment. 

PPS Took yuor computer out to see if i could test it and its showing an error - battery????