Day 062 Jordan : Aqaba

It is amazing just how many overlanders we are meeting up with - some new and some that we have met before.  We arranged a braai (bbq) on the beach and 12 of us were there. 

Joel and Hannah riding a 125cc 30year-old motorbike to Australia via Egypt and Sudan then cutting across to Yemen to continue their journey.  We caught up with them just as they were leaving this morning to book their ferry tickets and so they decided to stay one more day to meet everyone.

Markus in his landie who we'd met at Kaya Camping in Turkey on his way to Australia.  Now joined by his friend, Ulf, for a couple of weeks.

Joerg and Anja ( in their land cruiser following a similar route to ours and travelling overland down to Cape Town.  They had met up with Markus after us in Turkey and came down from Petra to meet up with everyone.

Jo (Joachim) and Carola from Germany who were touring Syria and Jordan in their landie.

Giancarlo and his wife from Italy touring Syria and Jordan as well in their land cruiser.

Mark from Switzerland had left last night to try and get to the Saudi border first thing and his girlfriend Brigitta and her mom Ursula were preparing to leave Aqaba for Amman to meet up with Mark in Dubai so they couldn't make it.

All in all it was a great night as we swapped stories, hints and tips for onward travel and ate crunchy goat ribs and chops (the wind had picked up a bit and its amazing how sand sticks!)