Day 167 Rwanda : Bwindi Impenetrable Forest - Kigali

Day 167 Rwanda

Trip Distance 233 km (145 m) Total Distance 18254 km (11348 m)
Road Condition 50% dirt 50% tar  
Time to travel 4.5 hrs 2 hrs  
Cost of diesel RFr870 (£0.90)    
Iris Guesthouse S1 56.863 E30 04.012 US$98 - Ensuite, hot shower, flushing loos, secure parking, free wireless internet, breakfast.  No aircon.

After a bit of a lie (till 7am no less!) and a hearty bacon and egg fry-up, we decided that we would set off for Rwanda instead of hanging around for another day.  We decided on the spur of the moment, that having spent so much money on tracking mountain gorillas that we wouldn't go to Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP) as originally planned (another US$30 each for 24 hours plus camping fees), we would skip seeing the tree-climbing lions and set off down south instead.  So we packed up and said our goodbyes to Stuart, Fiver and Merrill who were staying for another day at Bwindi before heading off to QENP.  Although it was a bit late and creeping up for noon as we drove off.

The dirt road back down to Kabale took us a bit longer as we missed the turnoff and headed some way down the old washed away road before some locals kindly turned us back.  After a quick stop in Kabale for some veggies, we headed off for the Rwandan border crossing.  A quick 20 minutes later and we were back driving on the right hand side of the road.  The rest of the journey passed uneventfully as we drove along perfect roads (bliss!) and the vehicles that we did encounter (and this includes the matutus and trucks) were driving at the speed limit, keeping right and allowing traffic to overtake safely.  Oh, what it was to be in this little corner of civilisation.

As we drove into Kigali, the light was beginning to fade as 7pm approached.  We tried to find the Okapi Hotel but in the dark this wasn't so easy.  So headed instead for the Iris Guesthouse and tucked in there for the night.  It was more than we wanted to pay but, as it was now dark and we had spotted a convenient Chinese restaurant just next door, we decided to stay and leave the next day to find some cheaper accommodation. 

We spent an hour catching up with emails and the website, then after a hot shower, changed and went next door for supper.  We hadn't had Chinese food for ages, so we tucked in with our last RFr20000 and had a slap-up meal and some wine.  Relaxed and our appetites sated, we headed back down to our room for a quiet night's sleep.