Day 168 Rwanda : Kigali - Cyesamakamba

Day 168 Rwanda

Trip Distance 134 km (83 m) Total Distance 18387 km (11428 m)
Road Condition 100% tar    
Time to travel 2.5 hrs    
Cost of diesel RFr870 (£0.90)    
Centre St Joseph S2 08.899 E30 32.956 RFr2000 - Showers, flushing loos, secure parking - camping in car park

We set off from the guesthouse after a lovely breakfast of cereal, eggs, bread, a choice of loads of fresh fruit and fruit juices and a cup of coffee.  Our first thought was to find the Okapi Hotel and arrange a campsite for the night.  Eventually after we found it (it's a bit difficult through a one-way system), we discovered that they don't allow camping and although it was half the price of the guesthouse, we decided to carry on down south.

Again, the road to Cyesamakamba was excellent and we arrived at Centre St Joseph quite early in the afternoon.  Nonetheless, we set up camp in the car park (there are some private spots) and prepared for a relaxing afternoon.  At first we felt a bit exposed as the centre staff gathered around to ogle at Sully and how we were able to unpack a seemingly innocuous square that turned into a tent!!! But eventually they drifted off and we were left to our own devices.  The manager of the centre had invited us to try out the restaurant so later on as the sun started to drop and the heat dissipated a bit, we took our books and found a table under a tree.  The waiter came to take our order.

"Bonjour," (Rwandans speak french quite fluently), "comment allez voux?"

"Bien, merci."  Me answering the only phrase I know!

The waiter took pity, "Would you like something to eat?"

"That'd be great.  What do you serve?"

"Meat and goat", he replied.

After a bit of discussion (we figured the meat was beef and confirmed that with the waiter) we ordered the beef.

"Sorry, beef finished."  So we ordered the goat with some potatoes.

The meal arrived and it was absolutely superb.  For RFr3000 (£3) we had brochettes (sosaties) of goat marinated in rosemary and garlic served with fried potatoes and a salad.  This included Trevor's quart of beer and my 2 sodas.  An absolute bargain.  And I really need to point out that this is a Catholic run mission (with a bar, restaurant and accommodation bring in money) miles away from any town and 60km from the Rwandan-Tanzanian border, so in essence a border town.  We are constantly surprised by gems like this popping up on our travels.

Later as the restaurant started to fill up and the Glen Miller Band started to play for the 4th time, we headed back to Sully, curled up in the tent, watched a DVD and went to sleep with "It's a fine time to leave me Lucille" drifting over to our car on the cool evening breeze :o)