Day 027 Turkey : Kilyos

Another rest day for us and time to do the mundane tasks of washing, re-packing, cleaning Sully out and generally just catching up on a few minor repairs.  We went for a walk to the beach and to orientate ourselves in the village.  Clock (a) the bakery for fresh bread, (b) the mini-market for more washing powder, toilet rolls and other odds and ends, (c) loads of restaurants, cafe's and eateries for koftas, doners and pitas, fresh fish, salads, turkish tea (we're in love!) and honey-sweet fresh fruit (you'll never taste melons and apples like this) and (d) the views of the Black Sea. 


Need I say any more?

Later that evening, we found a restaurant down next to the beach and had a wonderfully, romantic dinner sitting on the beach (yes, actually on the beach), next to a roaring fire, eating fresh seafood and watching a glorious vivid orange and red sunset over the Black Sea. sigh.

#1 gill on 5.13.2009 at 4:41 PM

Hi Trev and Jan

Oh my word you are having a proper adventure. I can't wait until you get into the remote parts of the world - although the photos you have already posted are absolutely gorgeous. I'm quite sure by now you should be getting rather brown and no longer have the "ghecko" looking skin. The weather has been really lovely for at least two weeks now - "WOW". hahahaha

Keep the story rolling, we are enjoying it sooooo much and absolutely green with envy.

Lots of love



Howzit Gill, Trevor is turning brown (lucky bugger), I on the other hand have just gone from blue (my natural colour at home) to red that if I pray long and hard enough may turn beige :o)  Have sent you an email as well but have a WONDERFUL birthday tomorrow.  Loads of love & hugs Trev & Jan

#2 Tracey on 5.13.2009 at 5:00 PM

Wow Stukkies

It all sounds so romantic and I am very jelous slogging in out here in the coal mines

Sending lots of love and good wishes




Howzit doll, we are online at the moment - isn't it a small world with the help of the internet???  We are having the most amazing time and have to keep pinching ourselves to prove that its actually happening.  I wish you could all be here to see what we are seeing, its breathtaking at times.  We are missing you but will see you in December in SA.  In the meantime, take care and loads of hugs and kisses from us both.  Love Trev & Jan

#3 Tracey on 5.13.2009 at 5:10 PM

Just been reading over the last months entries - sorry to hear about your little smash - bet its way behind you now -

You stukkies are always on my mind




Ja, it was a bit of a 'mare but we are through it and out the other end.  The amazing thing was we didn't argue or fight, just stuck together and it turned out well in the end.  I was terrified that the Greek police were going to be chasing after us but that turned out to be my over-active imagaination only!!!  We've got all the insurance sorted now I hope but we are relying on the insurance companies to do their bit - I'm not holding my breathe too hard!  

#4 gary on 5.16.2009 at 11:17 AM

I take it turkish tea is quite nice then?


It's wonderful. Strong, black and sweet served in dainty little glasses. uuummmm.