Day 031 Turkey : Wild camping at Masal Evleri

Day 031 Turkey

Trip Distance 299 km (186 m) Total Distance 5200 km (3232 m)
Diesel Costs TL2.80 - TL3.00    
Toll Fees TL12.25    
Masal Evleri
Wild camping next to a river N41.09853 E31.22503 Fantastic! Check with the owner of Masal Evleri to ok but it's free to camp next to the river on the same side. The opposite side is privately owned.

We left Mistik Camping after a 2.5hr negotiation with the campsite owner's father, wrung out and feeling a bit hard done by.  When Trevor went to pay suddenly the cost has increased from TL29 per day to TL38 per day.  The old man, to make his calculations easier (!!!), then rounded this up to TL40 to get an even TL200 and although everyone in Turkey uses a 3:2 calculation for TL: US$, he decided that even though he asked for $ that he was going to use 4:3.... meaning he wanted $150 instead of $123 AND on top of the increased charges.  Hours later the old man agreed to $126 but I can say it was a bit tiresome and was only when we eventually got a bit stern, and with the joint backing of a group of French campers also arguing, sorry, negotiating, that he capitulated. 

We don't want you to think though that this is the norm - if fact, quite the opposite.  This experience was one of a couple where we were ripped off but we have come across far more instances of generosity, hospitality and warm-hearted people wanting us, as visitors, to have a great experience in Turkey.

On the route to our next stop we stopped off in Sariyer just outside Kilyos to see if we could get a re-fill for our CampingGaz bottles.  Just to mention that we have 2 x 3kg bottles attached to the outside of Sully at the back.  They didn't.  But what they did have was a local 3kg bottle which they sold full of gas to us for TL15 (£7.5) - a real bargain!  It turned out that it's call iPraGaz in Turkey and the fitting is identical to the South African CampingGaz ie it's a metric fitting instead of UK which is imperial.  Luckily we had packed our metric to imperial CampingGaz convertor (you can get these from Cadac stockists in UK or from any South Africa shop in the UK on the internet).  It means that we are carrying an extra bottle now but it's small and we have strapped it to the roof rack - no worries.

We set off again but realised that we needed to draw some money so stopped at an ATM just outside Sariyer town.  This trip was becoming more eventful than we needed because Trevor drew the money and got a receipt .... but no cash.  Just next to the ATM was a company completely unrelated to the bank ATM but we went in to ask them if they could help us.  We were sat down, served tea and they spent at least 30 minutes trying to get hold of the bank and trying to help us.  Eventually the bank sent a team up and we got our money refunded and drew what we needed.  Off we set again. 

We were using the Turkey City Navigator map from Garmin but it turns out that just like the Gordon Brown, you can't believe everything it tells you.  The "campsite" at Masal Evleri turned out to be an hotel.  It was a beautiful alpine building with little chalets dotted around.  They were all heated with open fires and had angora wool rugs and kilims thrown across the fabulously comfortable couches, but a hotel nonetheless.  And at TL120 even though it looked great, a bit too expensive for us.  Luckily for us it turned out that Fatosh was visiting (thanks a MILLION for your help and we got your comment! Please keep in touch.) and said that we could camp just across the road next to the river.  Turns out the opposite side is privately owned so if you want to use this site remember to stay on the same side as the restaurant.

A-m-a-z-i-n-g!  It's the first time we have wild camped and what an experience.  The setting was perfect, the "neighbours" quiet except for a gentle clanking of bells and the sound of the running river to lull us to sleep.  It was really the first opportunity we have had to test out Sully to what she has been kitted out for and she passed with flying colours.  Having a shower in the open was fabulous, felt a bit naughty but with a whole river full of water and a forest full of trees, hot water wasn't a problem. 

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Getting ready for breakfast Our neighbours Isn't this the cutest?
Especially good with rosemary, garlic and olive oil... :o)))
Please play with me.... Look what I can do! Sully doing what she does best!
#1 fatosh on 5.28.2009 at 12:45 PM

remember me from abant.ı am glad you had nice journey in turkey. looking forward to hear about yr trip ahead. take care.fatosh


Hi Fatosh, I have sent you an email.  Thanks for the message.  We will come and visit with you next time we are in Turkey - thank you.  Take care, Trevor & Jan