Day 032 Turkey : Masal Evleri - Goreme

Day 032 Turkey

Trip Distance 528 km (328 m) Total Distance 5728 km (3560 m)
Diesel Costs TL2.40 - TL2.50    
Goreme, Cappodocia
Kaya Camping N38.63693 E34.85408 TL30 - Clean and a wonderful manager. Recommended to us and we'll recommend back but this will hopefully be the last campsite if possible as we give them up for wild camping

This trip was quite a long one but, thankfully, uneventful and quite pleasant.  Along the way we were treated to free Turkish tea at petrol stops, pee stops (not at the same time! um the pee and the tea that is! LOL) and generally where ever we stopped to take a break.  What fantastic hospitality.  On one of our breaks, a group of Turkish guys on motor bikes travelling to Ankara saw us and stopped to have a chat and not only to admire Sully but also to see if there was anything we needed or they could do for us.  As we said, amazing!

The landscape started changing as we approached Cappodocia and the strangely beautiful rock formations began to appear.   a_SG101643 a_SG101644

It was getting a bit late when we arrived at the campsite in the hills but as we drove through the town of Goreme, we could see loads of cave dwellings hewn out of the rocks which are still in use today.  It looked like a fairy tale drawing and is breathtaking and unbelieveable all at the same time.   We set Sully up in quickly as the sun set (we've getting quite good at this), had a cuppa and dived into bed ready to face the view the next day.

#1 dave on 5.17.2009 at 12:57 PM


been looking on your website, hope you have a great trip will keep intouch wish we where there with you.




Hi Dave

Thanks for the messag.  We'd recommend a trip like this to everyone! Take care, Trevor & Jan

#2 Maryna on 5.19.2009 at 1:00 PM

Wish I was there, will keep in touch. I work with Maureen at Matat Munic. We are all dreaming of doing the same thing one day.




Hi Maryna, thanks very much for the message.  We'd recommend a trip like this at almost any cost!!!! Regards Trevor & Jan