Day 033 Turkey : Kaya Camping

We woke up nice and relaxed on Saturday morning and took a couple of photos of the surrounding area. 

a_SG101655 a_SG101658 a_SG101659 a_SG101660

It really is as I said yesterday, quite strange and beautiful.  And you can clearly see the rock dwellings carved out of the rock just above the campsite and all around in this area. 

I guess that you might get a bit tired of pictures of the different views but I'll keep posting them just in case! :o) 

Later on that morning we saw a cyclist approaching when he stopped to ask if he could take a picture of Sully.  Turns out Andy is cycling to South Africa.  Yes, you heard correctly CYCLING. 

b_SG101649 a_SG101651 a_SG101650

An amazing bloke and so determined.  Anyway we sat around for the rest of the day chatting, swapping information and ending up with a late lunch that afternoon before he set off again on his way.  See you in Aqaba in a couple of weeks maybe, Andy!!  And GOOD LUCK, we're thinking of you.