Day 361 - 362 Zambia : Livingstone

It rained all night and it rained all day but we were cosy and dry and used the day to laze around and read and doze and eat!  What a day!  But as we readied ourselves for our sunset cruise, the rain lifted, the clouds parted and the sun shone in the sky. 

a_P1000251 a_P1000248
All Aboard the MV Makumbi The gang: Trevor Maureen & Peter (I'm taking the photo!)
a_P1000249 a_P1000260
Mosi-oa-tunye (The Smoke that Thunders) A brooding sunset on the Zambezi River

Saturday morning; the sun rose with us and the clouds burnt off as we prepared for our elephant safari.  And what an amazing experience it turned out to be.  The elephants have all been rescued but have been specially trained for riding and working for up to 15 years.  The big boy of the pack, Bop, was a special case as he was too big to mount at the mounting station so Trevor and I elected to ride him and spent a few minutes trying to get up onto him.  It was a bit of a struggle for me but we finally made it on.  I can tell you that getting off was a whole lot easier!

Pete and Maureen were on Madinda and had a really exciting ride.  Madinda was not happy and spent the ride occasionally trying to unseat and toss them off.  But Pete and Mau stuck on, the guides manage to get him under control and all ended well.  The walk through the park was a new perspective on game watching as we trundled passed browsing antelope & giraffe and watched frolicking baboons without them even glancing in our direction.

a_P1000262 a_P1000301
The gang again Out on the ride
a_P1000318 a_P1000333
Trevor & Jan posing with Bop Mau & Pete on Madinda
a_P1000319 a_P1000350
Crossing the river Bop & Robert


Saturday afternoon: What a day!  Full of adventure and amazing things.  After our elephant safari we were looking for some sedate activity but it wasn't to be as we were off on a helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls.  We had seen it on foot, from the boat and now it was to be from the air.  And if at all possible, it was even more awesome from above.

a_P1000369 a_P1000401
1.9km stretch of Victoria Falls in all her glory ......from the Zimbabwean side

We arrived back and camp and settled into the restaurant at Bushfront to be pampered by the staff and gorged ourselves on the most delicious T-bone steaks and garlic butter.  What a way to end an incredible day.