Day 363 - 365 Zambia : Livingstone - Siavongo

Day 363 Zambia

Trip Distance 563km (350m) Total Distance 3199km(1988m)
Road Condition 85% tar 15%  
Time to travel 7 hrs 2 hrs  
Cost of diesel ZKw6757 (£0.939)    
Eagles Rest S16 32.235 E28 43.664 US$20 (£13.33) - Good site, grassy with shade, electricity, pool but ablutions are dire and in desperate need of upgrading, cleaning or replacing

While we were at Bushfront, Francis had put us in touch with Steve Thompson at Eagles Rest in connection with going out onto Kariba Dam on a houseboat.  Whilst I had spoken to Steve on the phone, we had not made a definite decision to go on the boat as it was working out to be quite an expensive couple of days but neither had we decided NOT to go, so we set off for Eagles Rest to see Kariba Dam and whether there was any tiger fishing to be had.

We had all packed up the previous day so set off early in the morning.  The first part of the road out of Livingstone was awful as the Chinese are in the process of replacing the main road and the first 70kms are still a work in progress.  We finally left it behind us and pushed on forward in the direction of Siavongo.  The scenery that had been with us for the last number of days i.e. flat straight roads, slowly gave way to mountains and lush vegetation as we left behind the plains of Zambia for the hills surrounding Kariba Dam.  A brief stop for some shopping in the Spar at Choma (and some pies for lunch) and we were off again towards the campsite.  7kms before Tracks4Africa told us we'd arrive we spotted our first view of the dam - pretty awesome.  After a quick final drive over a potholed road, we arrived - tired and more than a little weary of the thousands of kilometres that we had already covered. 

The campsite is expensive for what you get.  Although the sites are level and the views glorious, the ablutions are awful, dirty and rundown.  Regardless, we set up for the night, Mau prepared a fabulous spag bol (just what we needed - a delicious filling meal) and we tucked ourselves in for the night prepared to make some decisions the next day of whether to push on for Lusaka or stay for a few days.

Monday dawned and the sun rose sparkling on the dam.  Despite the situation with the ablutions, everything else was good.  We had rigged a long extension cable to the only plugpoint in the Ladies loo, so we had electricity.  The pool in the main lodge was cool and inviting so we decided the a couple of days rest would do us a world of good and settled in.

a_P1000434 a_P1000437
Set up under the trees with a glorious view of the dam The beach bar at Eagles Rest - reminds us of a beach bar in Greece!
a_P1000440 a_P1000442
A fantastic place to put your feet up and drink a cold beer.  The launch site for boats into the dam
a_ZAMBIA 2010 006 a_ZAMBIA 2010 022
No swimming in the dam though! But the pool's great.

While we were chilling we caught up with Steve's son-in-law, Peter, chatting to him about the possibility of some tiger fishing.  When we arrived, the wind had been blowing, thankfully keeping away the mosquitos but having done the same to the fish!  He suggested there would be no point in going out but to wait for a few days before trying.  Conversations, as they do, wandered about a bit before finally arriving on the subject of the houseboat.  We were becoming a bit keener despite the price and a few days of real R&R were calling!  After Peter left us we sat down and worked out the prices and decided, bugger it, it was expensive but we were on holiday so we'd go for it for 2 days.  Peter and Steve needed 1 day to prep the boat so we settled down for another night.  As it was our 365th day on the road (well, we had a break of 2 months at home in UK but who's counting), we wanted to something to celebrate and this was a good sign for us.  So I made a chicken pie in my fire oven (my pot) a_P1000447 and with a greek salad and a few glasses of wine, life was good.