Day 366 - 367 Zambia : Kariba Dam

We rose with the smell of coffee that Maureen had made and after a great night's sleep, staggered down from the roof tent to sip coffee and dip rusks absorbing the early morning sun.  The wind had stopped and the weather looked set to be glorious for our next couple of days on the boat.  Didn't I say that we had been blessed with weather?

We slowly packed up ready for a 12noon departure and carted our piles of goods to the boat to be loadeda_P1000451 .  Sully and the Cruiser were parked up safely and powered up.  With the sun directly overhead, the food and drinks on board and all accounted for, the engines were started, the lines were drawn in and we set off.

The first day started with a 2.5 hour steam southwards a_P1000470  to Lotri Bay for our first night's mooring and some fishing for the boys.  And it's only when you are on the water that you appreciate the size of Kariba Dam.  Over 280km of water north to south - in-credible! - and all man-made, designed and completed in the 1960s.  Fishing boats abound on the dam and the major commercial catches are Kapenta - the tiny little fish caught and dried and so loved by the everyone.  a_P1000478

The houseboat is really comfortable with a jacuzzi a_P1000476, dining area, lounge, kitchens, cabins and heads (bathrooms) downstairs and upstairs presenting you with the wheelhouse, another lounge a_P1000475 great for chilling and catching the afternoon breeze and a bar.

While the boys readied themselves for some serious tiger fishing and left, Mau and I settled down to relaxing and reading.  In the meantime the chef prepared supper and snacks for what was the continuation of a marathon eating session having started with lunch once we were underway.

a_P1000491 a_P1000494  a_P1000499

The hunters returned as the sun was setting gloriously in the west a_P1000512  a_P1000520 with some great stories but not a fish between them so, lucky for us, snacks included a bowl full of deep-fried kapenta with fresh lemon slices.  After a generous supper with the captain, a few more stories swapped and a quick cooling dip in the jacuzzi, we settled in for the night.  Just before retiring, Steve gathered up our bones form lunch and supper and loaded the crayfish traps to be collected the following morning. YUM YUM.

The sun rose and we started to eat again!  After a humungous full English fry up, the crayfish traps were raised a_P1000521 a_P1000523, the booty retrieved to be used for supper and we set off again for Eagles Bay after another 2 hours steaming. 

Another day of lazing, another glorious African sunset a_P1000531 , another humungous meal and another great night's sleep.