Day 383 - 384 Zambia : Pioneer Camp, Lusaka

Jacques and Linda, if you remember, were leaving at 6:30am to fly to Johannesburg and then on the Australia - at least we had a bit of a snooze till 9am and took advantage of our hotel room!  But after taking advantage of the hotel full English breakfast (towards our hangover cure, of course!!), we set off for the shops again as we needed to provision up for our trip to Chipata to visit the SOS Children's Village project that we have been raising money for.  With the visit in mind, we needed to contact the SOS Children's National Director in Lusaka to make arrangements so had decided that a few days rest in Lusaka would do us good and we would contact her on Monday.

Shopping over, we hit Pioneer Camp just outside Lusaka for our 2nd visit, settled in, hung up the hammocks and nursed ourselves through the rest of the day.

Sunday brought little change from the relaxation other than finding some time to update the website which by now was severely behind.  It has taken some time for me to get back into the swing of writing the blogs as it takes up quite a lot of time.  But, thankfully, I am now almost up to date and enjoying the daily deposit of words onto paper (electronic!! I know) again.