Day 385 Zambia : Pioneer Camp, Lusaka

Today we got in touch with the National Director for SOS Childrens VIllages and made an appointment to meet up with Florence at the village just north of Lusaka.  We made our way there just in time for our meeting which had to be brief as there was a conference taking place to discuss the new village at Chipata!!! What a coincidence.  But within minutes of meeting Florence everything changed for us.

So you remember that we have raised more than £2000 thanks to generous donations from you.  Including Copeley Land Rover, Rocar Moors and Cubicle Kitchens who all donated money to help with the building of the medical centre at the new village in Chipata, East Zambia.  Our intention was always to get to Chipata and whilst we were there volunteer and help with the building works (for a couple of months at least) that would have been on-going as the village was due to be completed this year.  We were also going to be donating all our medical supplies to the medical centre to help boost their stock as we had managed to fit in 3 boxes of supplies of prescription drugs and over the counter medicines into Sully for our trip.  Ben and Kate had generously donated a bag of medicines.  And we had packed a wolf box full of balloons, stationery, pens, gel pens, chalk, books and childrens' toys to donate to the nursery school.  To our dismay we discovered that although plans have been approved and the land granted for the new Chipata Village, ground has not yet been broken and work hasn't started yet. 

We hit a moments panic but got over it rather quickly and after a discussion with Florence and the Lusaka Village doctor, Dr Mupulanga, decided that we would still donate everything that was going to go to Chipata but to the Lusaka village.  After all, we are still talking orphaned children and still an SOS Village.  But the donated money would remain with the Chipata Village.  So with plans to return in 2 weeks time to bring all the medical supplies and goodies in, after a sojourn to Chipata, this time not to visit the village but to pop into South Luangwa National Park, we set off on the road again.

We headed back to Pioneer Camp for our 3rd visit and settled in, talking long into the night about what we were going to do next.