Day 387 - 388 Zambia : Luangwa Bridge - Lusaka

Day 386 Zambia

Trip Distance 262km (163m) Total Distance 5697km(3541m)
Road Condition 95% tar 5% dirt  
Time to travel 3hrs 20 minutes  
Cost of diesel ZKw6297 (£0.88)    
Pioneer Camp S15 23.722 E28 27.078 ZKw50000 (£7.17) - Good site, grassy with shade, electricity, pool, fab hosts

We woke up early the next morning intending to set off as soon as we were packed but we started up a conversation with Rita and several hours later were still at it.  Pieter had gone off for a bike ride so we spent a good few hours chatting about travelling, aid in Africa to mention a few topics, when the conversation got around to Rita asking us about what we were doing next.  We told her about the issues with SOS Childrens Village in Chipata and our decision so go back home after touring around Zambia and Namibia.  "Where were you going to go?", she asked. 


"Why aren't you there?"

We knew that we (more I) had been worried about money.  With the savings pot dwindling, also feeling a little travel weary and jaded and not having spent much time on planning, feeling ill-prepared for travel in SE Asia, we had decided to go home.  But listening to Rita, and hearing ourselves moan about how expensive Zambia was, we were wondering why we'd made that decision to stay in Zambia and spend more money.  With her words of "India???  Go!!!" ringing in our ears, we said our goodbyes once Pieter came back to camp and set off in the direction of Chipata.

But 30kms up the road we turned to each other and said, "What are we doing here when we could be in India?" (or words to that effect!!) and within another 500m had made up our minds, turned Sully around and started to head back to Lusaka. Back to Namibia.  Back to South Africa.  On our way to India!!!  Feeling the weight of worry lift, the feeling of excitement returning and looking forward to being on the road again.

100kms passed Luangwa Bridge Camp and and on our way to Lusaka (again!) who should come up behind us but Pieter and Rita.  Rita had made a sign in the car and came rushing out. "India," she said, "you have to go to India!!" flashing the card in front of us.  We all had a good laugh as we told her the impact she had had on us and that we had indeed changed our minds and were definitely on the way to India off to india .

Back in our cars again we set off for Pioneer Camp and our fourth and final visit there!

Thursday dawned and my first job was to call the SOS Children's Village national director to try and arrange a visit for Friday to drop off the donated medical supplies and goodies for the children.  At such short notice, they couldn't arrange for us to visit the village but we arranged to meet with village director and the doctor to hand everything over before we left.

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