NaturePure Water Filtration System - Fact or Fiction?

All along we have raved about our water filtration system (Nature-Pure by General Ecology) that Footloose 4x4 fitted in conjunction with a Flojet automatic pump.  This gave us "on demand" filtered water once we had fitted the Hozelock garden hose trigger adapter.  To ensure that the filters were protected we installed a pre-filter, have been treating all water with Katadyn Micropur Forte 10000 and cleaning the tanks regularly with Micropur Tankline.

Based on the length of time the 1st cartridge lasted (more than 1200l and 3 months after initial installation by Footloose4x4) and how much better it was than having to buy bottled water - having filtered water on tap - we always remarked on how how much cheaper it was turning out to be and how much more convenient. 

But since Khartoum, Sudan we have started to have problems with the replacement cartridges that we bought separately before leaving. 

The first replacement lasted for only 400l water and the last one for only 100l.  With our final one installed we are now at the point of being without any filtered water if this one fails as the others have.  With our reliance on this method of filtration and our health dependant upon it, we're starting to get worried.  Although we can buy bottled water, we have a problem with a lack of space for storage.  In addition we have treated all water the same and ensured that the base water was as clear as possible.  What to do?

With their sales patter saying that we should be able to filter an average of 1900l this didn't seem right and with our last filter having been installed, I've written to General Ecology in UK requesting that they replace the 3 cartridges and send them to Dar Es Salaam for us.  We are waiting for a response and I will keep you up to date on progress.


UPDATE 30/09/09

We have received a letter from General Ecology saying that we were probably at fault for not keeping our system clean (although we are meticulous about it!).  However, they are sending 3 complimentary replacement cartridges.  We are really pleased that although they won't accept there is anything wrong with the batch of replacement cartridges (they say other people haven't had any trouble), they have stepped up to the mark and are replacing the cartridges AND sending them FOC to Tanzania for us.  Thank you, General Ecology - great customer service!!

But we'd suggest you watch out for any failures and report them immediately if you feel you have looked after your system correctly and you are not getting the service from the cartridges that you expect.

Our batch numbers from the same replacement order are:

7457010 lasted only 100l

7457542 currently still in use

The 3rd batch number isn't available as we discarded it before realising there was a potential problem with the batch.

#1 John Stevens on 9.26.2009 at 1:45 PM

Read your comments on the filter with interest. I have changed my pump for a Shurflo as the Flojet was not up to the job. A friend of mine is doing the same when he found that his filter has been fitted BEFORE the pump, ie sucking water into the filter as opposed to pumping it in. Interested to know how yours in configured. Pump should be before filter of course. Best wishes to you both.


John. Hi John, the pump's installed before the filter, we have changed our Flojet for a Jabsco (used in yatching) and are doing everything we can to clean the water. So far our last filter is working ok and General Ecology have shipped 3 out to Dar es Salaam for us to replace these ones that have failed... Watch this space. PS: Nice to chat to you again, btw!


#2 John Stevens on 10.07.2009 at 10:40 AM

Spoke to Paul on Mon while having my LR serviced. Understand that the problem was residue from your tank cleaning agent affecting the filter. Hope all is resolved now. Best wishes. John.


Hi John, first I heard of this!!!!  I am really surprised.  It seems that they can't make up their mind whether it was the fact that I didn't clean my tanks (which of course I did) that caused the problem - this is what they blamed it on at first and said to me anyway - and now its the fact that I did clean my tanks causing the problem but they have said northing to me about that!!! 

Although they have eventually sent the replacement cartridges (all 3,) it's taken some time to get it done and I am being called a "troublesome client" by the agent in UK (quite frankly, if that what it takes then, c'est la vie).  But to tell you the truth as long as I get this sorted I don't give a damn.  Seems like they are casting fault in all directions except the system but it's read into it what you want, they have replaced all 3 cartridges and shipped to our next destination at their cost so I'm happy :o)

Cheers, Jan


#3 John Stevens on 10.16.2009 at 11:50 AM

Hi Jan & Trev, I thought that you had been advised of the previous info. Recommendation from Paul at Footloose is to drain your tank after cleaning but straight out of tank and not thru filter. This will get rid of any of your cleaning/strerilising agent which is still in the tank. Hope all is well now. John.